• Ian to his friends - born 23rd May 1951 - A Tuesday - At Exmouth in Devon.

  • Typical post war baby - not much to eat - Just a poor boy from a poor family - Parents in Royal Navy during the war.

  • One sister Penny - Educated at Bramdean School Exeter and Kelly College Tavistock, Englands major minor public school.

  • Left School in 1969 and started work for English China Clays in St Austell Cornwall.

  • Starting salary - £14 per week and had to pay £8 per week bed and breakfast.

  • First car - Green mini van - First female conquest

  • Messed up all his Surveying exams by correspondence so enrolled at Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1972 to study Urban Land Administration - Turned 21 that year.

  • Failed to see Humble Pie in concert that summer at Southsea Pier Hall as someone telephoned a bomb warning just as Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton were about to take the stage.

  • Messed up all his Urban Land Administration exams - left Portsmouth Polytechnic and went off to London to seek fame and fortune - 40 years later found fortune but fame is still waiting round the corner!!

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    Ian Stanbury
    # Ian Stanbury
    Monday, April 07, 2014 3:19 PM
    I am sure you are not the slightest bit interested in me and my humour but I love writing so I wanted to give you a potted history ..I am a scalawag from Exmouth and would still be there stacking shelves in ASDA had not my naval father been posted to Singapore in 1961 - my sister went but my parents thought that this would be a their best chance of getting rid of me forever so left me by the gates of a prep school in Exeter a bit like the Paddington bear story - I then cheated at exams and managed to get to the countrys' major minor public school and failed enough exams when 18 to miss getting into Cambridge or anywhere else so ended working in Cornwall. I had a most enjoyable time until the sweetheart in my office who I was kissing in the photocopy room found a new squeeze to kiss so in a pre adult fit of lost love depression I told my boss that either she goes or I will and much to my amazement I was the one that he got rid of - he arranged to transfer me to a place called Lee Moor near Plymough where incest is very common and discos were over 40 miles away - WC Fields has on his gravestone All things considered I would rather be here than in Philadelphia - I had the same feeling about going to Lee Moor so resigned and in a roundabout way came to London - messed around for ever chasing anything in a skirt (and still am I suppose) somehow got involved in the London property boom and rode the boom till 15 years ago I jacked it in as I hated the idea of being seen in the Sunday Times rich list.

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